ACT 2021

Welcome to ACT 2021!

Before you eye-roll and think “Here comes yet another webinar-esque Covid conference” be assured that you are going to end up pleasantly surprised.

The year 2020 was the year the world and a lot of our own fraternity realized the momentousness of anesthesiologists and their contributions. But while we were in the spotlight, it was also the time we were forced to turn a deaf ear to the developing aspects of science. We have been so engrossed in saving lives that education and updating have taken a back seat.

Yes, Covid is still very real and ominous with each passing moment. Hence, it would be callous on our part to exclude discussions on the subject entirely.

Through ACT 2021 we aim to cover as much ground on the novel and the conventional as well as provide streamlining for a seamless workflow. In a parallel universe, we would have conducted the customary conference, but with a heavy heart, we are coerced to carry on the academic work on a virtual platform.

Hoping to gather your whole-hearted support in making the event successful and wishing you sound health.

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